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shoulder pain

My shoulder doctor says shoulder surgery is inevitable. I want to put it off as long as possible. Can you help?

Most shoulder problems originate because the shoulder joint was not in its proper position. At Boise Shoulder Specialists, Dr. Jon Gray changes the mechanics of the shoulder with his Shoulder Correction Technique ¨. He works to heal the soft tissue around the shoulder through massage, nutrition, and soft tissue modalities, and shoulder exercises to strengthen the muscles. This fast tracks healing, increases strength, followed by increased shoulder movement. Recovery time is usually a fraction of time of shoulder surgery and rehab without weakening the area through surgery. (link to surgery dangers and infections.)

Sometimes shoulder surgery is inevitable. However if the joint mechanics have not changed, the shoulder pain symptoms will still be there. Come see if we can help with your pre or post shoulder surgery recovery. Even if you still have to have surgery, your shoulder will heal better because the joint is in its proper position.

We have helped many people in the Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Nampa, and Caldwell Idaho area for a fraction of the cost of shoulder surgery. Click here to see patientsʼ experiences.

I have arthritis in my shoulder. Can you help?

Arthritis is defined as, “Painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints.” Often the diagnosis of “inflammation of the joints (arthritis)” is due to poor joint mechanics. It could also be caused by general inflammation caused by food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, and/or drug side effects. Surgery often weakens the shoulder and compromises the joint even more. Arthritis medication only covers symptoms and gives dangerous side effects. Physical therapy can irritate the shoulder and cause pain by moving the joint improperly if it is not in its correct position.

Dr. Gray helps put the joint in its proper position and mechanically corrects the problem with his Shoulder Correction Technique ¨. He strengthens the shoulder muscles through exercise, identifies allergies, counsels diet changes, and helps nourish the body through nutrition.

Patients in in the Boise, Eagle, Meridian, and Nampa, Idaho area often find shoulder arthritis relief without surgery with this treatment option.

I have a frozen shoulder. The shoulder doctor said I will never regain motion. Can you help?

We donʼt know unless we exam you. However, we have had a lot of success with frozen shoulder treatment. Often the shoulder joint is not in its proper position. Dr. Gray uses his special Shoulder Correction Technique ¨ to release the shoulder joint. He then works to strengthen the tissue and muscles around the shoulder with soft tissue therapy, massage, and exercises.

Many patients regain shoulder motion relatively quickly, avoid surgery, and are pain-free.

I have a shoulder injury. Iʼve had months of physical therapy, shoulder exercises, and acupuncture but I still have shoulder pain. I am considering shoulder surgery. What makes your treatment different? How long does it take?

Physical therapy exercises the soft tissue around the joint. However, in many shoulder cases there is a shoulder impingement on the joint much like a rubber band that has been wrapped too tight. You can exercise the shoulder. You can put on heat and/or ice. You can take pain killers to cover the pain. You can massage the shoulder and it might feel good for a little bit. You can even do acupuncture. However, unless the impingement is removed, the joint can never move properly and you will still have shoulder pain symptoms. This tissue does not get moved doing traditional rehab that physical therapy performs. To move this tissue it needs a specialized technique that only specialists like Dr. Gray can perform. Dr. Gray helps remove the impingement with his Shoulder Correction Technique, helps the joint move in the proper position, strengthens the muscles, and speeds healing time.

Often patients see shoulder pain relief and increased shoulder motion in days and weeks rather than months and years.

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