Boise ID 2017 Community Events

Boise Community Happenings Fall 2017

Idaho Dance Theatre

Is it “theater” or “theatre”? According to this dance company, it’s theatre, and they have enough passion to back it up. October 19-22, in the Boise State University Special Events Center, the Idaho Dance Theatre will perform “All Embracing,” a presentation about embracing the differences we see in ourselves and each other, ultimately coming together as a community of kindness, love, and respect.

This is no ordinary dance performance - Idaho Dance Theatre is partnering with the Open Arms Dance Project, a modern dance company known specifically for its inclusivity - people of all ages and ability levels (with Megan Brandel as the director). Sometimes the art of dance in under-appreciated, so embrace the grace and elegance of the human body by showing your support as an audience member this fall. The Theatre professes that “this work will surely be motivational and powerful…. Sure to inspire and entertain!”

Boise Little Theater

After weeks of preparation, this community-run theater (yes, spelled with an -er) will be putting on a musical production of the American classic, “The Addams Family,” in harmony with the Halloween spirit. The performances will run only from October 13 - October 28, so don’t waste any time! Buy your tickets today!

Though not very well-known, the Boise Little Theater (BLT) is an exceptional performing arts center run entirely by volunteers from the community of Boise. As they describe, BLT is an “all volunteer, non-profit organization with an unwavering dedication to amateur theatrical quality. For over 65 years we have produced plays in all genres: contemporary and classical, comedy, drama and musicals. BLT is one of the longest running community theaters in America.”

Additionally, they’re always welcoming new volunteers! If you like what you see, or if being part of a theater has always been a childhood dream of yours, you can easily join their crew working backstage, acting, directing, or even ushering.